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Jay Matwichuk

Jay Matwichuk - Coversation School Teacher/Manager (Teaching Career: 7 years)

Before taking the TEYL course, I had about 5 years experience teaching children, so I was not sure if TEYL would help me very much.
But my employer required me to take it, so I did.
I was quite surprised as TEYL was very scientific and brought together all the things I had known previously, but never really thought of with depth.
The course also made me look at myself, and analyze how I teach, and why I teach that way, causing me to become a better teacher.
I really enjoyed the course, and was quite proud when I got my certificate in the mail at the end.

Indonesian volunteer ESL teacher in Japan.

As a non-native [English speaker]... I think that everything about this course was great.
The tasks and assignments helped me understand the contents of each module.
Thank you for my tutor, who encouraged me with advice, comments and some extra English writing materials.

Keiichi Tsurumaki

Keiichi Tsurumaki - Prep School Teacher (Teaching Career: 19 years)

"Why do children excel at language aquisition?" "Whu do I have to use so many games and songs?" "Do I have to teach grammer?"... Teyl-JAPAN course helped me find "scientific"answers to these and many more of my questions about teaching English to children. Learning about the theory of teaching was great, but even better was the detailed feedback that I receieved from my own personal tutor.
My Tutor made the Teyl course completely different from the other distance learning courses I have taken. Thanks to my tutor, I was able to improve my teaching by studying just an hour a day.

Kiyono Yamazaki

Kiyono Yamazaki - Coversation School Teacher (Teaching Career: 7 years)

The course is easy to understand and clearly divided into sections that focus on "children", "teachers"and "teaching skills".
I thought I knew a lot about teaching methods, games and other instructional techniques but I gained a new perspective on teaching English through the course's focus on child development and neuroscience.
The tasks and assignments helped me to recognize my own strength and weaknesses and I was able to acquire knowledge and skills that I would never learned without taking the course.
I have acquired many practical new skills and grown professionally. I feel more confident in the classroom and can deal with difficult situations more effectively.
My Tutor was always available to give me support and help. Thank you to everyone at Teyl-JAPAN for a wonderful learning experience,

An ESL/ESD - Aboriginal Teacher's Assistant in B.C., Canada.

I thoroughly enjoyed the CertTEYL course. The layout is very easy to follow and the information well presented. My tutor was very knowledgeable and encouraged me to think "outside the box".
I would recommend this course to anyone interested in working with children and or teaching them English as a second language.

American - Recently returned from teaching in Hong Kong.

This course is wonderfully thought out. The TEYL site is user friendly and your tutor is easy to get in contact with.
There is so much valuable information available that can be used in the classroom.
I highly recommend this course to anyone that is interested in, or already teaching ESL to children.

Forrest Neuswanger - (Teaching Career: 11 years)
Yokohama Board of Education, Research & Training Department, Assistant Guidance Counselor .

The on-line Teaching English to Young Learners course made full use of the awesome power of the internet.
I was able to do in minutes what used to take hours, and I could do it all from the comfort of my laptop. Being able to study whenever and wherever I wanted was more than a luxury, it was a necessity.
The flexibility of the course structure, the breadth of knowledge that it covers and the encouragement and advice I received from my tutor made the course both fun and interesting.
I highly recommend this course to all teachers, regardless of experience.

A Canadian teaching ESL to children in South Korea.

This course covers a wide variety of concepts required for teaching Young Learners in a quality manner.
There is a substantial number of informative readings that certainly will improve your insight in this profession.
I enjoyed the ease of the course layout and how comprehensible the concepts were.

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