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J-SHINE is a non-profit organization which licenses English teachers in Japan. It was founded in 2003 to promote the spread and development of English education at the elementary school level. J-SHINE supports English education by (1) cooperating with the private sector to develop teacher training courses, (2) certifying teachers who have completed approved courses and (3) promoting cooperation between the private sector and public organizations such as the Ministry of Education and local Boards of Education.


In cooperation with the private sector, J-SHINE aims to improve the professional knowledge and ability of English teachers in elementary schools on a national level. To accomplish this J-SHINE will strive to (1) develop a system to certify qualified teachers and (2) assist those teachers in their efforts to develop English education in Japan.

Main Activities

Teacher Training and Certification
J-SHINE cooperates with the private sector to develop teacher training courses, and certifies teachers who have completed approved courses

Activities to Further the Spread and Development of English Education
J-SHINE introduces certified teachers to local Boards of Education who are seeking to hire qualified English teachers.

Activities to Promote International Cooperation and Understanding
J-SHINE works with other organizations to support activities that promote international cooperation and understanding.

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